White Automotive Primer: All you Need to Know

If you’re at the edge of priming your car and you’re confused about whether to use white automotive primer as the base for the topcoat then this article is for you.

Primers can be applied on any surface ranging from metal, fibreglass or wood but automotive primer in this case is a paint-like material that’s applied to freshly sanded auto bodies before applying auto paints.

Making a choice on the colour of primer to use solely depends on the colour of the topcoat to be applied afterwards. As I stated while discussing black Automotive primer, primer paints mostly come in black, grey, red and white colours.

Now, choosing white primer for your car isn’t a bad idea as they also have some advantage especially when you’re applying a light-coloured topcoat to it.

Why Use White Primer?

Just like other primer colours available to choose from, white primer still offers the same function of providing a base for paints to stick on and also prevents damage from rust and moisture (the type of primer used determines though).

White primer is mostly advised if you’re painting your car with either white, beige, cream or any shiny colour.

However, there are many features that make the white primer distinct from other colours.

  1. Easy blocking out of stains and bleeds
  2. It’s economical (you’ll require less paint to complete a job)
  3. It helps brighten your base shade
  4. Provides a neat finishes
  5. Help decipher untouched parts easily
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Aside from these features, it can also serve as a filler I’m the case of a minor scratch or bump although you’ll have to make sure you’re using the polyester Primer which gives you an excellent build.

You can also check out the type of automotive Primer you can choose from since they all function differently irrespective of your colour choices.

Where to Buy White Automotive Primer near me

Getting a white primer paint near you shouldn’t be hard as you can easily check for it in any paint store nearby OR you can decide to place an order online using some keywords I’ll show you below.

The good thing is that all primer product sellers ranging from Rustoleum, SEM, Dupli-Color, Eastwood, SprayMax etc all sell white automotive primer.

So, you won’t have to worry if you’ve already got a preferred brand to shop your primer paints from.

Now, to shop for automotive primer paints simply follow the below guide.

  1. Navigate to Google search
  2. Search for “White Automotive Primer near me”, “White Primer Spray Paint Automotive “, “Shop white Primer near me”, or “Shop White Automotive Primer
  3. You’ll see a lot of white primers under the shop tab
  4. Go through them and buy the one that suits your project(s).

That’s all.

white automotive paint

Alternatively, you can also check popular e-commerce websites for these black primer products, websites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, home depot etc.

You should find a white primer that’ll work well for your project if you follow the above guide holistically.

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Does Automotive Primer Color Matter?

Yes, it does. A dark primer spray is recommended for darker paintings, white primer will go well for lighter backgrounds meanwhile grey will likely go well on both darker and light paints.

So, your choice of primer colour to be used does matter.

White or Grey Primer?

Grey Primer is the best.!

White primer only suits light topcoats such as cream, white etc meanwhile a grey primer will go with both dark and light paints since the colour of most sanded car metals is grey in colour.

So, there’s no noticeable difference in the colour. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure you touch all spots on the car during priming.

Is there White Primer?

Yea, as a matter of fact, primer and paints are always white by default after which they are mixed to generate other colours.

You can use the guide above to locate a paint store close to you.


While white primer is the best option if you’re going for lighter colours, it’s also good to acknowledge that the color white primer improves top coat adhesion and sands smooth for the ultimate finish.

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