How to Date Craftsman Tool Box

This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to date craftsman toolbox

Some of the most powerful, long-lasting, and effective industrial and automotive tools are produced by Craftsman. Let’s look at how to determine the Craftsman toolbox’s production date.

Over ninety (90) years have passed since the Craftsman brand first became popular in the automobile and industrial equipment industries. Despite certain changes made to cut costs, the company’s move hasn’t actually had an impact on the quality of its products.

To determine the manufacture year of your Craftsman silver toolbox, take a moment to learn how to date a Craftsman toolbox.

How to Date a Craftsman Tool Box

It’s quite easy to decipher the production date of a Craftsman toolbox provided you know the exact spot to check.

You should also be able to read the serial number and model inscribed on it.

The steps in the following guide will make it simple for you to verify when your Vintage Craftsman toolbox was made if you have one.

All you need to do is follow the guide holistically.

  1. Find the Toolbox serial number
  2. Take note of the first 6 digits of the serial number
  3. Each pair of numbers refers to the production month, day, and year of the toolbox.
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In summary, first, check for the serial number (1! Digits) attached to the toolbox. It usually has the – CM code attached to it.

Now, take down the first digits of the serial number on the product identification label.

Every two numbers from the six copied codes have meanings attached to them.

The first two numbers Are used to represent the production month which could range from 01 – 12.

Meanwhile, the other two pairs are used to represent the toolbox production day which is usually between 01 – 31

Finally, the last two pairs usually denote the production year of the Craftsman toolbox.

That’s all.

Craftsman Toolbox FAQs

Where is the model number on a Craftsman toolbox?

The model number for the Craftsman toolbox often begins with the letters CM. The remaining characters, a total of 11, are then added. Peek within the bottom drawer of your tiny Craftsman toolbox to find these characters.

The model number of a tool chest can be found on a tag behind the cabinet. You just have to take a look at the back of the cabinet.

Who Made the Old Craftsman Toolboxes?

The old Craftsman toolboxes were made by Emerson Electric Company, according to the origins of Craftsman toolboxes.

The model prefix – 113 is present on the older Craftsman toolboxes. King-Seeley produced toolboxes with the model prefix -103 prior to the 113 model prefix.

King-Seeley was purchased by Emerson Electric Company sometime in the 1960s. The production of Craftsman tools has been outsourced over time to several businesses. Those Craftsman tools used to be sold by Sears as well.

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Since the Craftsman brand was established, the tools have dominated the industrial equipment industry. The Craftsman toolbox from the 1970s was a top-notch, reliable toolbox.

Does the Craftsman toolbox have a Lifetime Warranty?

Not all Craftsman toolboxes come equipped with a lifetime warranty, however, you can replace your tool with the one that offers a lifetime warranty.

Example of tools that comes with a lifetime Warranty includes hammer and demolition tools, hex key, nut drivers, finishing tools, pliers, screwdrivers, ratchet and sockets, wrenches and wrench sets, and so on…

How to tell if a Craftsman tool is made in the USA?

Craftsman tools are produced by numerous independent businesses under various agreements with the proprietors of the brand. Although some manufacturers choose to produce their tools in the US, others choose to do it in China, and vice versa.

You can tell if Craftsman tools are American-made by looking for the following characteristics, especially on wrenches:

  • Compared to Craftsman tools made in other nations, those made in the USA have the brand name (CRAFTSMAN) inscribed in larger letters.
  • The handles of the tools are broader
  • Wider beams are included in the wrench.
  • Plastic switches and buttons are also included with the wrench.

Among the most popular Craftsman tools produced in the USA are pliers, adjustable wrenches, and screwdrivers.


This article has just illustrated how to date a Craftsman toolbox.

You should be able to explain how to find a Craftsman tool box’s serial number, along with the manufacturer’s month, day, and year, to anyone at this point.

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