Park Assist Blocked – Meaning and Solutions

It’s knowledgeable that most modern cars come equipped with new technologies that make driving easier – The park assist feature is one of them.

The park assists if enabled will enhance your parking experience by helping you enter or come out of a parking space.

You don’t have to deal with finding a parking space since the park assist will find a convenient spot and direct you on what to do (braking and acceleration), in most cases, it takes control of the wheel.

While in some Mercedes Benz cars, the park assist will take total control of the whole parking action.

However, there are times when you’ll summon the park assistance and you will get a park assist Blocked message on the DIC. Don’t fret, auto systems are prone to failure at times.

And you know the troubles that come with manual parking (to and fro movement) especially in tiny spaces – thanks to technology.

In this article, I’ll further explain what it means if your park assist got blocked, why it got blocked, and how to Reset a blocked park assist.

What does a Park Assist Blocked message mean?

In newer vehicles, a safety function called park assist helps the driver find a parking spot and park the car securely. Park Assist Blocked on Silverado or a pop-up message about it will appear on your vehicle dashboard if the Park Assist is broken or not functioning as it should.

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The driver information center (DIC) may display ‘Park Assist blocked read owner’s manual’ depending on the model of your car. Once this comes on your DIC, go see your mechanic. In any event, you can try some do-it-yourself remedies before speaking with a qualified service technician or getting assistance from a professional.

Reasons why Park Assist gets Blocked

One or more of the below factors are the major cause of a failed or blocked park assist.

  1. Presence of Dirt and Debris
  2. Faulty Park assist sensor
  3. An issue in the wiring harness of the Park assist
  4. Extreme weather conditions
  5. Driving at high speed
  6. Towing Vehicles
  7. Problematic PCM

A Park assistance covered in dirt or debris due to driving off-road or not properly washing your vehicle might not function properly.

Also, Extreme weather conditions might cause ice or snow to cover the Park assist making it either fail or stop responding.

In addition, don’t expect the Park assistant to work when trying to park at a very high speed, except if you’re in haste or an armed robber I don’t see reasons why you should park at a very high speed. It could also save you from bashing your vehicle.

Since the park assists are mostly attached at the rear or back bumpers, making use of a towing vehicle might default the installed park assist.

Finally, since the PCM is the overall brain of the vehicle, a malfunctioning one can cause it to stop receiving signals from the park assists even when everything is fine.

Once the above factors are addressed then your park assist will surely come back to life.

Let’s see how to test a park assist sensor.

How to Test a Park Assist Sensor

The car computer will display “Park Assist Faulty” on the driver information center if a Parking Assist sensor is broken. You, therefore, have a defective Park Assist sensor in circumstances like this. To prevent wasting money, test the sensor first to check whether it is the problem before making any assumptions.

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The sensors may be tested in less than one hour and thirty minutes thanks to the simple testing process. Numerous tests can be conducted, but based on my research, pins one and two will be crucial. You should therefore apply that to this test. The steps are listed below.

  • Remove all your parking assist sensors
  • Switch your multimeter to 2000k ohms
  • Place the multimeter on pin 1 and Pin 2 terminal pins on the sensor and take your results
  • Switch the multimeter to 20k ohms
  • Test both the pins again
  • You should get a reading between 10 as the test result.

If neither 2000k nor 20k has any numbers, the Park Assist switch is malfunctioning. However, the sensor(s) is doubtful if you have 800-900 on 2000k settings and less than 9.7 on 20k. So buy a brand-new sensor and swap them out.

How to Unblock Park Assist

The process for Resetting or unblocking a park assist differs based on the auto manufacturer, so it’s best to contact your auto manufacturers to get a specific unblocking process.

Nevertheless, here’s a guide that works for Honda and Acura car owners, you can try them on your vehicle and see if it works.

  1. Turn your vehicle ignition ON
  2. Continuously tap on the park assist button at least 10 times at a go
  3. Turn the vehicle ignition OFF
  4. Tap and hold on the park assist button
  5. Switch on the vehicle while the park assist button is still pressed down
  6. Wait some time and see if it responds.

You should get a beep sound twice to notify you that the reset action is a success, if the reverse is the case then you should take your vehicle to an auto technician.

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Q: Where is the Park Assist sensor located?

Several ultrasonic sensors on the front and back bumpers are used by Park Assist. The Park Assist feature on the majority of cars, especially GMCs, can identify objects 4 feet in front of and 8 feet behind the vehicle. You can disable Park Assist by pushing a button, turning the steering wheel, or utilizing the vehicle settings menu after using it.

Q: How to Clean Park Assist sensor

You can use a neat damp cloth to clean the parking sensors. Simply get a cloth, immerse it in water, squeeze it and use it to gently wipe the sensors.

Q: How do I turn my park assist back on?

While most vehicles have the park assist button installed on the dashboard all you need to do is press the button to turn the park assist ON or OFF.

If you don’t have this button installed then you can consult your vehicle manual guide for directions on how to switch the park assist on or off on your vehicle.


A faulty park assist (sensor) can frustrate the driver especially when it shows up unannounced.

The importance of this feature can’t be over-emphasized – it finds parking spaces, takes control of your wheel, and gives basic instructions to the driver.

If you’ve tried the above fixing guide and the problem persists then take your vehicle to an auto repair shop.