How to Fix Service Theft Deterrent System

A theft Deterrent System as the name implies helps prevent being hijacked by car thefts. It does this by disabling the vehicle starter, fuel, or ignition system.

Modern-day cars come with advanced technologies that make improve a car’s usability and safety by notifying the owner of an attempted break-in on their car.

These characteristics and technologies are not permanent. Over time, they may develop problems or fail, projecting cautionary messages on the dashboard. The servicing theft deterrent system is a typical problem that may occasionally arise for many drivers who have theft protection in their vehicles.

It is crucial to have this to protect your car against hijacking. It might malfunction, though, and issue erroneous alerts. We’ll cover both the cause of the service theft deterrence system light on the dashboard and how to reset it in this article. What does the service theft deterrent system mean first, though?

What Does Service Theft Deterrent System Mean?

The theft deterrent system, as its name suggests, uses technology to stop criminals from targeting your vehicle and to alert you if an attempt has been made. This system collaborates with the vehicle’s internal and external sensors to identify attempted break-ins.

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In order to stop the theft from driving the car away, this technology will disable your car’s engine if it detects a break-in attempt or when the vehicle is moved. Most of the time, the alarm won’t stop until you use the original key fob to turn it off.

This system may, however, break down and cause you inconvenience. When the system malfunctions, a dashboard error message for the service theft deterrence system is displayed.

Causes of Service Theft Deterrent System

Your car will enter protective mode and some system functions will be disabled when the service theft deterrence system warning light illuminates. The alert signal can turn off by itself. Even with a service theft deterrent device, the car can occasionally refuse to start or the system light will turn on

A dead key fob battery is frequently the blame for the anti-theft warning message appearing on the driver’s dashboard

Here are some reasons why your vehicle will display the service theft deterrence system on your Chevy Malibu, Impala, Cruze, Silverado, or any car models

  1. A dead key fob battery
  2. Key fob replacement
  3. A Problematic car door lock
  4. Faulty immobilizer chip in your key fob
  5. A dead car battery
  6. A faulty key fob

How to Repair Service Theft Deterrent System

Since the cause of the error could either be from your key fob, door, or car battery. Here are some fixes you can implement to fix the service theft deterrent system

1. Check the Key Fob

It’s necessary that you confirm that the battery in your key fob isn’t dead or you aren’t trying the wrong fob on your car.

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A battery replacement is necessary if the former battery is dead. You can also cross-check and make sure you’re using the correct one.

2. Turn on the Ignition

Most cars will not start once the service theft deterrent system turns the engine checklist on.

The only way to fix this is by inserting the car key into the ignition and turning it to the ON position. Do not start the car

Leave it for at least 10 – 15 mins to allow the system reset after re-reading the car keys.

You can now turn the car ignition off to allow it to reset the service theft deterrent system.

Finally, start the car and it should respond to you this time.

3. Use a Physical Key on the Car door

If the car doesn’t respond to the key fob buttons then you can use a Physical Key on the Car doors.

Inserting the key into your car door lock will pass a message to the car security system that you’ve got the right key and would give you access.

You can now turn on your vehicle and see if it responds.

4. Disconnect your Car battery

5. Remove the Alarm Fuse

6. Check your Manufacturer’s Manual

7. Reach out to a mechanic

If the above DIY guides don’t resolve the service theft deterrent system error then you should probably seek the help of an auto engineer.

They’ll find the root cause of the issue and get it fixed for a small price.

What triggers a theft deterrent system?

The security and anti-theft systems use both outside and interior automobile sensors. The system may display on the dashboard as a result of an attempt failure, movement, or impact. Only the automobile owner or driver is informed when the alarm system is activated.

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Other factors, however, may result in system failure and activate the theft deterrent system. Dead car batteries, key fob batteries, broken automobile locks, and malfunctioning immobilizers are a few examples.


Can anti-theft stop cars from starting?

Yes, since its main function is to prevent car theft, anti-theft would restrict certain parts of a car until the root cause is resolved.


Although Chevy Cruze and other car models’ service theft deterrent systems are intended to activate in response to an attempted break-in, the device frequently fails and does so without any such attempt. In the majority of cars, when the system kicks in, the engine won’t start, which is frustrating.

This is a straightforward tutorial to fixing the service theft deterrent system problem.

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