How to Make Headlights Brighter

Dim or foggy Headlights contribute at least 40% to accidents on the road annually most especially for night drivers.

The Headlights are responsible for providing illumination to the driver to enable them to see objects in front of them.

Having a foggy or dim headlight will likely lead to an accident due to the inability to view objects in front, the effect will also triple if the driver has eye defects.

It’s necessary to have bright Headlights in order to ensure your safety and that of other road users.

This is a minor issue since Headlights can simply be brightened by cleaning the Headlights or replacing the Headlight bulbs.

In this article, I’ll show you how to get cleaner headlights and possible reasons why your headlight will become dim.

Why do my Headlights become Dim?

There are 4 probable reasons why your headlight isn’t bright as it used to be. They are:

  • Presence of Dirt
  • Defective Headlight bulbs
  • Water in Headlights
  • Oxidation of the Lights

The most frequent reason for yellowing headlights is oxidation. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, acrylic headlights are primarily affected. The lenses of the lamp often have a clear layer applied to them to prevent oxidation; but, with time, this coat may wear away and expose the plastic covering to these rays.

Also, the presence of Dirt or water vapor in your headlight will cause your headlight to lose its brightness over time.

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It could also be that your bulbs are burnt out or faulty and needs to be replaced immediately.

How to Make Headlights Brighter

There are many ways of making your headlights brighter, as I even heard that most people make use of toothpaste to make their headlights brighter.

However, I’ll show you a trusted and authentic method of making your headlights brighter.

1. Clean your Headlights

The first that should come to mind is to clean the headlight of any dirt, debris, or oxidization.

You’ll need some equipment for this such as your bucket, clean clothes, detergent, toothpaste, and water.

Now, you can now dipping a clean cloth into the soapy water and gently scrub across the surface of the headlight to remove dirt, mud, or dust particles.

Next, in the case of stubborn yellow stains; you can now introduce toothpaste to your headlights.

Firstly, perform a visual inspection to decipher if the stain is from the inside or the outside then proceed to spread toothpaste evenly on the surface leaving it for 5mins or more.

Now, spray it off using warm water from your hose pipe, bottle, or bowl after which you can now dry the surface using a dry cloth.

Apply a wax coat to the dry surface to stop oxidation and remove it after 15 minutes. Depending on how severe the yellowing is, you may need to apply several applications of toothpaste. A headlight restoration kit can also be used; it works similarly to toothpaste in removing oxidation. The ideal kit for this job is the 3M Auto Restore and Protect Headlight Restoration Kit.

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2. Change the Bulbs

Also, the problem could be a faulty headlight bulb. Do well to get a replacement and see if that resolves the issue at hand.

That’s all on getting a brighter headlight.

How to Permanently remove Yellowing from Headlights

The outlined guide above seems to be temporary and you’ll notice the yellowing coming back to your headlight in no time.

Here’s a permanent way to get rid of yellowing on your headlights.

  1. Clean the surface of the Headlights to prepare it for Brightening.
  2. Now, get either a P2000, P200, or P600 sandpaper and scrub the surface of your headlight vigorously to remove the coloration.
  3. Next, wash out the scrubbed area with water and remove excess water using a paper towel.
  4. After that, add some rubbing alcohol to the surface to clean it of any oils or grime.

Pro Tip: If the dirt appears to be inside the headlight then you can make use of two magnets.

You insert a soft cloth with a magnet attached via an aperture above or to the side of the headlamp to catch any dirt or mist. Getting the opening could be challenging, but it is doable. Use a second magnet to help the magnet within the light remove the dirt.


Can I use coke to clean the Headlights?

One of the commonplace items to employ to combat foggy headlights is Coca-Cola. Coke is used in a spray bottle after cleaning the headlights with soap and water to remove extra water before use. Spray the lamp liberally with coke, let it sit for five minutes, and then wipe it clean using a moist cloth.

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In Summary

Headlights are one of the critical components of a car especially when you mostly make use of the road at night.

We’ve discussed ways in which you can make your headlight brighter, do well to check it out.