All Girls Garage Tesla Aftermarket

All girls Garage is a TV show run by 3 women as they showcase their automotive engineering skills while taking on complex projects that show they are capable of running a female-controlled auto repair shop.

The girls’ garage show features Sarah Lateiner (Bogi), Cristy Lee, and Faye Hadley who are professional mechanics, automotive repairers, and motorsport reporters respectively.

While they’ve done a couple of alterations on different models of cars ranging from installing an exhaust system on a V10 Audi to repairing a Suzuki motorcycle and the rest.

In season 10, Episode 1 of their TV show which was released on May 1, 2021, they explored the aftermarket of Tesla products and made modifications such as;

  • Installing a gauge cluster on Tesla Model 3 2020
  • Luxury suction doors
  • Making an exhaust into a Tesla Car e.t.c

Nevertheless, let’s get a brief introduction to what a Tesla is for those who probably don’t know what it is.

What is Tesla Automotive?

Tesla is an American automotive company based in Texas, they aim as increasing the rate at which the world transition into using electric cars, solar and integrated energy solutions with Elon Musk as the CEO.

Tesla also offers automotive services such as:

  1. Vehicle Servicing
  2. Charging
  3. Insurance
  4. Premium Connectivity
  5. Software update or upgrade etc.

So, if you’re looking to purchase an electric self-driven car then Tesla is the best place to make the purchase.

Now back to the All girls’ garage show with the Tesla Aftermarket products.

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Where can I watch the All girls Garage Tesla Aftermarket Show?

At the time of publication, there are many sources from which you can watch the all-girls Tesla Aftermarket.

Their show is available on:

  • YouTube TV (Premium Subscription)
  • YouTube ($1.99)
  • Apple TV
  • Hulu (Premium Subscription)
  • FuboTV (Premium Subscription)
  • Philo (Premium Subscription)
  • Motortrend –
  • Vudu ($1.99)
  • Investigation Discovery,
  • Food Network,
  • Science Channel,
  • Discovery,
  • TLC,
  • Travel Channel,
  • HGTV,
  • Prime Video,
  • iTunes,
  • Hulu,
  • Animal Planet,
  • AHC GO,
  • Destination
  • America GO,
  • Discovery Life GO,
  • Cooking Channel and so on…

The all-girls garage app is also available on the Google play store for interested persons to download, stream and also stay updated with their updates.

They also have other series you can check out such as the Toyota Twist, Chevelle Checklist, Faye’s 4Runner Shop Truck, Family Red Dragon, Benz Bling, Rotary Engine, Jeep Gladiator Diesel, etc.

That’s all you need to know about the all-girls garage Tesla Aftermarket.

You can also watch the YouTube video from the motor trend where they explored the aftermarket of Tesla products below.