Best Remote Automotive Jobs in the World

If you’re searching for remote Automotive Jobs that pay well and are also in demand then this article is for you.

Most times, automotive engineers are required to be physically present for efficient service but here are some remote Automotive Jobs you can choose from when applying for a position at a company.

Although, the availability of a remote job option is dependent on the region you’re applying from. There’s a higher chance for you to get a remote Automotive job in the US, UK, and Canada than in Hong Kong or Singapore.

It’s also important to note that there’s a huge difference between automotive engineers and Automotive technicians as engineers offer services that are mostly hands-on and require your presence in most cases but the former doesn’t necessarily need to be present since they often analyze mechanical, electrical and other sections of a vehicle.

But whichever one you’re into, let’s get you started on how to hit your dream job and also some of the automotive industries that allow you to work remotely.

Difference between Remote and Work from Home

While the two might sound alike, there’s a minor difference between both a remote worker and a job with a work-at-home option.

A remote job is one in which you can apply from your device, get interviewed online, and work from anywhere in the world without restrictions Meanwhile a work-from-home option is a job where you can apply online, but interviews are done offline and you’ll be required to be present when needed but you can decide to work from the comfort of your home at times.

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In brief, remote jobs can be accessed from any part of the world while for a work-from-home option, you have to be in the country where the company is located and be ready to come to work when required.

Although, it’s good to ask this question during your interview in order to know if the company suits the requirements and nature of your dream job in the automotive industry.

Without wasting much time, here’s a list of jobs you can do remotely if you’re in the automotive industry.

Best Remote Automotive Jobs in the World

Most of the remote jobs you can get in the automotive industries doesn’t require you to have any knowledge of automotive engineering rather they just require your communication services, programming skill, or other tech-related skills.

Here are some of the best remote Automotive jobs around the world.

  1. Virtual Automotive Service Advisor
  2. .NET engineer
  3. Machine Learning Engineer
  4. Electrical and Electronics Architecture consultant
  5. Automotive Service technician
  6. Automotive Parts Specialist
  7. Automotive and Mobility Technology customer care specialist
  8. Parts and service customer support representative
  9. Automotive finance manager
  10. Automotive video editor
  11. Automotive Marketing Analyst
  12. Staff Analyst, technical pricing
  13. Client Success consultant
  14. Automotive sales manager
  15. Automotive data scientist
  16. Claims Adjuster
  17. Software quality engineer
  18. Social media influencer for automotive
  19. Automotive technology specialist
  20. Automotive web designers
  21. Scheduling Analyst, Warranty and Service
  22. Automotive OEM Compliance Specialist
  23. Supplier Relations Manager
  24. Technical copy editor
  25. Virtual operation coach
  26. Automotive maintenance coordinator
  27. Automotive Technical advisor
  28. Vehicle Electronics Diagnostic Technician
  29. Remote Estimator
  30. Booking Consultant
  31. Transport logistics manager
  32. Automotive parts and accessories specialist
  33. Home and Insurance verifier
  34. Automotive loan Analyst
  35. Automotive application engineer
  36. Used parts sales representative etc.
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The list goes on and on but you can contact the automotive company you’re applying to and ask for a list of their jobs that can be done remotely.

remote automotive jobs

Is the Automotive Industry a Good Career?

Yes, it is. Persons who venture into auto designing, auto engineering, auto electrician, and the like are making a living out of their profession.

In one of our articles, we said automotive technicians earn approximately $25k to $100 annually, talking more about designers who earn as twice as them.

If you have a passion for cars and automobiles then I’d advise you to take your profession seriously so you can earn a living from it.

Top Automotive Companies Hiring Remote Workers

I don’t know if all Automotive companies do accept remote workers but we’ll give you a comprehensive list of companies we guarantee that do so you can make your selection.

  • Tesla Inc.
  • Cox Automotive
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Toyota
  • McLaren
  • General Motors
  • SBD Automotive
  • Honda Motor Inc.
  • Volkswagen
  • Bosch Group
  • Rivan Automotive
  • Christian Brothers Automotive
  • Lucid Motors
  • Auto Accessories Garage
  • Sonic Automotive
  • Rosen Hyundai LLC
  • Boyd Group Service inc. Etc.

This list can be updated anytime and the companies can decide to stop recruiting remote workers at their own wish. Also, remember I said earlier that getting a remote job is dependent on the region you’re applying from.

How to find Remote Automotive Jobs Near Me

While the list above contains top automotive companies that offer remote employment, let me show you how you can find a remote job around your country in a few minutes.

  1. Go to
  2. Search for “Remote Automotive Jobs”, “Remote automotive jobs near me” or “Remote Automotive Jobs in Los Angeles”, “North Carolina Automotive Jobs
  3. You’ll see business listings that offer these job opportunities within your community.
  4. Click on your preferred company or job to see how to complete the job application.
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north carolina automotive jobs

That’s it.

This is one of the most recommended ways to get a job in any field you find yourself in.

What is the most Flexible Automotive Remote Job

An Automotive Data Scientist.

This is the most flexible field in the automotive industry that can allow you to work for different organizations either as a part-time or freelancer and still achieve the company’s goal.


Remote jobs started gaining acceptance after the pandemic (2020) and it has even spread further to the automotive industry.

So long as you meet an auto company’s requirements, you can work for them remotely from any country in the world.

I hope this article helps you with choosing the best automotive jobs for yourself.

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