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How to Use our Chassis Number Decoder Tool

You should be able to look up your VIN or Chassis number online using our tool in 3 simple steps.

1. Locate the VIN

The first step toward decoding your VIN is to locate where the number is attached to your vehicle. The VIN can be found on places such as the door, dashboard, engine hood, rear wheel, and on the vehicle’s registration certificate.

You can read our guide on how to manually find the VIN of your vehicle.

2. Paste into our VIN Lookup Tool

Once you’ve found the VIN, type or paste it into the form above, click on Apply and wait for your vehicle information to be processed.

3. Get a Report

Now, you can review the processed report and make sure your VIN is correct. You can check the NOTE section for a better specification of the vehicle.

What is a Vehicle Identification Number?

In the course of purchasing a new or used car, it’s important you also learn how to find the chassis number, engine number, and Vehicle Identification Number of the car.

The VIN is 17 alphanumeric characters of which the last six(6) is the chassis number (the VIN and chassis number are used interchangeably) meanwhile the engine number can be found on the car’s engine.

The ability to read these codes will help you determine the manufacturing date and year of the proposed vehicle, which should align with the proposition of the car dealer.

While the chassis number can be found on places such as the door, dashboard, engine hood, and rear wheel, and on the vehicle’s registration certificate.

How to Find Vehicle Identification Online

The chassis is the load-bearing framework that serves as a frame on which the car is built. If the chassis is old, or weak; it might not serve you much before it starts falling off.

Here’s a way to find the chassis, engine number, and VIN of your car online.

  • Search for Vahan NR e-Services on Google and go to their official website.
  • Click on “Know your Vehicle Details” from the menu
  • Log in or create an account on the website with your phone number or mail
  • Input your cars registration number in the box
  • Solve the captcha code and click on “Search Vehicle

You’ll be provided with details such as the “full name of the car owner”, “engine number”, “Registration number” etc.

You can check the full article on how to find chassis numbers online