How to Clean Brake Dust off Rims

Dust gets accumulated in our car tires and rims as we apply brakes while driving and most times, car washes won’t be able to clean them properly.

Most people rate car owner by how clean their car looks and the rim and wheels are one of the most looked at places.

Surprisingly, car washes often miss out on completely cleaning Brake Dust off Rims because they don’t pay much attention to the Rims.

Also, detergents might not be able to get rid of some Brake dust because they’ve become too attached to the surface.

The ideal way to clean this Dust off your rim is by doing it yourself and using the correct brake Dust cleaner solution for your car.

In this article, you’re going to learn the perfect way to clean Brake Dust off your Rims and wheels.

Why Should I Clean my Rims and Wheels?

Most people might not see anything wrong in not paying attention to the status of their Rims but it has a lot of added benefits.

Asides from giving your car a sharp look, it helps enhance the lifespan and durability of your Rims and wheels.

⇒ Over-accumulation of Brake Dust on your Rims will cause corrosion to the protective coating irrespective of the wheel model.

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⇒ Also, it could extend its effect to your car painting, making you need a painting service every now and then.

⇒ Lastly, frequent exposure to Brake Dust could cause health issues especially when it gets into your body system.

How to Clean Brake Dust off Rims & Wheels

The readily available soap and water solution will not be able to give you the desired result, so it’s best that you get a Brake Dust cleaner from amazon or an auto repair shop close to you.

It’s also best to get a Dust cleaner that is tailored for your rim (alloy, aluminum, or steel) by checking the tag.

Here’s how to remove Brake Dust from Rims and wheels

  • Firstly, get rid of visible Dust and mud by washing the Rims to expose stubborn Brake Dust
  • Get the appropriate BRAKE Dust cleaner solution for your wheel and spray on it
  • Wait for the solution to work on the Brake dust for at least 10 – 30 minutes
  • Get a soft brush to scrub off particles removed by the cleaner and also remove stubborn dirt
  • Use water running at high pressure to wash the brake Dust off the Rims and wheel
  • You can repeat steps 2 to 5 again if you notice Brake dust remnant on any side of the wheel.
  • You can now leave the Rim to dry
  • Finally, apply a Wheel Protectant spray to maintain the look of your Rims/Wheels.

The cleansing will also be perfect if the rim isn’t attached to the car. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Wash the Rims/Wheels with water to remove dirt
  2. Now, immerse the Rims into the brake Dust cleaner solution for the time frame stated on the label.
  3. Use a soft brush to scrub the rims before bringing them out of the solution
  4. Wash the rim under running water to properly remove all brake Dust.
  5. You can repeat the cleaning process if you aren’t satisfied with the appearance of the wheel
  6. Clean the Rim with a dry towel and apply a wheel protector to maintain its look.
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That’s it.

You can now install your wheel back into your car or start driving without fear of Brake Dust sticking to your Rims (at least for the time being)



How do you clean brake dust without removing the wheel?

Using brake Dust cleaner spray on the wheel is the surest way to clean Brake Dust without removing the wheel. All you need to do is spray the solution on the wheel and scrub it off after a few minutes to get a shiny wheel.

Why is there so much brake dust on my rims?

Due to heat and excess application of brakes, the brake pad becomes hot and starts discharging dust particles due to the impact of friction. This is the main cause of uneven brake pads.