Common Symptoms Of Bad Gas Cap

Do you want to know the most popular and common symptoms of bad gas caps? It is very important to know the major symptoms of a bad gas cap so that you will be able to fix it as soon as possible before it becomes a problem or causes damage to other parts of your vehicle.

If you want to know the symptoms of a bad gas cap, then you need to take this article seriously and read to the end because I will explain the common symptoms of a bad gas cap. This article is available for all cars brands and models, you will be able to use the information in this article to discover the symptoms of a bad gas cap in your car whether it is an old or new car model,

Common Symptoms Of Bad Gas Cap

You need to know that there are several symptoms of a bad gas cap, but I will only mention the common symptoms in this informative article.

1. Gas Cap Not Fitting Properly

One of the common symptoms of a bad gas cap is not fitting properly, if your vehicle’s gas cap is not fitting properly, then you should know that there’s a problem.

Over the years, it is a very common sign of a bad gas cap, when it is not fit or tightened properly. This problem is popular among older vehicles, where gas caps were made from metal instead of plastic, but it may also be a problem with newer vehicles.

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The latest gas caps are made from plastic and have rubber seals that are designed with an airtight fit. After a long period of use, these seals will wear out by becoming hard and brittle. They may become clogged up with dirt and dried fuel (especially if it’s a diesel fuel tank). So these all contribute to the gas cap that makes it so difficult to fit or won’t be able to tighten well.

2. Smell Of Fuel From The Outside Of The Vehicle

A bad gas cap can allow fuel vapors to escape from the vehicle as it no longer seals the tank as it should. This will lead to the smell of gas around the outside of the vehicle and sometimes inside.

There are many other (more serious) reasons why fuel vapors are escaping from the fuel delivery system of your car. Here’s a full article explaining why your car smells like gas that goes into more detail.

3. Engine Light Inspection

In several cases, a bad gas cap may cause problems with the fuel system on your car. The fuel delivery system on modern cars is a bit complicated, a highly pressurized system that is designed to run from the gas cap right through to the fuel injectors. If there are issues anywhere in the fuel system then it may cause engine performance problems and a check engine light flashing on the dashboard.

A bad gas cap will allow dirt or water vapor into the gas tank, and it will contaminate the fuel in the tank, which will reduce or cause numerous problems to the performance of the car. Aside from that, it can damage the fuel injectors if it happens regularly.

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4. A Lot of Emissions Related Error Codes

In case, your gas cap is no longer sealing the gas tank and lets fuel vapor escape or contaminants get into the fuel, this will lead to issues with the vehicle Evaporative Emission System (EVAP).

The EVAP system is designed for modern vehicles to manage the evaporation of fuel fumes from the gas tank. In case there is a leak, then it will trigger an error in the EVAP system that will be stored in the ECU memory. An engine code error may lead to a check engine light on the dashboard, or reduce the engine performance.

There are several EVAP-related engine error codes that you should consider when you see them on your dashboard. These codes include P0123, P0440, P0441, P0452, or P0457.

5. Poor Fuel Economy

A bad gas cap can cause several issues including poor fuel economy. If your vehicle gas cap is not sealing the fuel tank, then your fuel will become contaminated and it can evaporate from the tank.

Fuel escaping from the tank is one of the major problems for older cars, while the newer tanks have one-way systems fitted that prevent fuel and fuel vapors from escaping through the badly fitting gas cap. But, if the fuel escapes as vapor this will cause poorer fuel economy because the fuel will be disappearing from the tank!

Contaminated fuel causes poor fuel economy because the fuel injection management system will struggle.

Now you know the major symptoms of a bad gas cap, you need to consult your mechanic immediately when you begin to experience or see any of these symptoms or more. Make sure you submit your vehicle for physical inspection. Don’t try to fix it by yourself because you might damage other parts of your vehicle. Mechanics will know exactly what to repair and they will help you to do it within a short time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Gas Cap

Q: How To Tell If A Gas Cap Is Bad?

One of the most common symptoms of bad gas caps is not tightening well, completely, or loose gas caps. It might not seem significant at first, but Immediately you begin to drive your car without an air-tight seal, the entire fuel system can be exposed to grime and dirt.

Most of the latest gas-car vehicles are designed to click immediately and are tightened sufficiently. So, if the cap does not click, or clicks and then pops loose, then you will begin to see several signs when you see you need to inspect it physically and then replace it if it is needed.

Q: When Should I Fix My Bad Gas Cap?

Immediately you discover that you have a bad gas cap. That is when you should fix it so that it won’t become a severe problem in the long run.

Q: Can I Still Drive My Car With a Bad Gas Cap?

Yes, you can drive your car with a bad gas cap but you need to fix it as soon as possible so that it won’t cause severe problems to other parts of your vehicle because fuel evaporation is capable of destroying some parts of your car.