Engine Mount: Diagram, Replacement, Cost Of Replacement, And More

Your vehicle engine mount is one of the most important parts of your vehicle because it is designed to secure an engine into machinery and absorb any shocks and vibrations as soon as the machinery is operating.

Engine mounts and anti-vibration mounts are very important for preventing damage to the engine and encouraging full control. It is very important to replace your engine mount when you begin to operate negatively by showing several symptoms.

You need to replace your vehicle engine mount when you begin to experience these symptoms.

It is important to notice some changes or negative impacts on your vehicle engine mounts so that you will be able to change it as soon as possible before it causes a severe problem to other parts of your car.

1. Vibrations

Increased vibrations are very common engine mount symptoms while using your vehicle. When you begin to notice that your engine is making more noise than usual and you can feel more vibrations than usual, this is a major sign of a worn engine mount that may need replacing as soon as possible.

If an engine mount is damaged, its anti-vibration properties will also be damaged or weakened. You also need to know that an increase in vibrations caused the engine to make more of a sound than usual. In the long run, this increased vibration will lead to severe damage to the engine which is why you need to change the engine mount as soon as possible to avoid spending more money.

2. Visual Wear

Metal parts of an engine mount are used to change appearance. But, where you begin to notice or see significant corrosion, cracks, or warps to the part, excessive wear will likely be occurring to the rest of the mount.

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Any cracks or flaking to the rubber aspect of an engine mount can potentially limit its performance depending on the severity of the cracks and the root cause. Repair may not be the case especially if the crack has gone beyond repair. you need to change it as soon as possible so that you will be able to have a very good engine mount.

3. Bumpier Ride

You need to replace your engine mount when it causes a jolt when changing gears on an attached transmission. This jolt or thump is noticeable when traveling at faster speeds because the engine is working harder. If you realize that your very good engine is not working perfectly as it used to, this can often be down to a damaged engine mount.

4. Impact Noises

Engine mount noise is among the symptoms of bad engine mount. A worn engine mount always causes ‘clunks’ and ‘bangs’ within its surroundings or in the engine bay. This noise begins when the engine is moving around more than normal and making contact with other components, causing impact sounds that become quite noticeable.

5. Rocky Start

You may notice a shock or an excessive lurch that doesn’t feel or sound good immediately when you start your engine.

A rocky start is one of the most common symptoms of worn engine mounts. It results in constant vibration, but you may experience a lurch when turning the ignition off.

Engine Mount Diagram

engine mount diagram
Engine Mount Diagram

What Will Happen When You Drive With Bad Engine Mount

  • Accident
  • Damage caused to other components
  • Damage to the engine

Engine Mount Replacement Cost

It is very important to know the engine mount replacement cost so that you will be able to plan well before you consult your mechanic. Likewise, you won’t be able to pay more than you should.

Currently, a new engine mount (part) costs between $75 to $350. Labor costs depend on the complexity. It all depends on your vehicle model and make. For example, the top engine mount replacement in Mazda 3 / Mazda 5 currently costs $150-$215 (part and labor). On the other hand, for two broken mounts in Honda Odyssey, the local dealer charged $1,800 for parts and labor.

The price difference depends on the vehicle parts availability and price. Some vehicle parts are cheaper, while some are expensive it all depends on several things.

It is very important to do proper research when you are making use of an aftermarket part and confirm your part’s quality. For example, the engine mounts for the 06-11 Honda Civic on Amazon and found several brands with ratings ranging from 3 to 4.5 stars. It is advisable to invest in a high-quality engine mount so that it will work perfectly for a long time.

In a lot of cars, an engine mount is covered by the Powertrain warranty, which is 5 years or 60,000 miles for some cars. you need to verify your car’s warranty booklet.

Causes of Worn Engine Mounts

1. Driving techniques that can damage the vehicle’s parts

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When you begin to over-revving the gears and improperly use the clutch, volume increases the chances of causing severe damage to your engine mounts.

2. Aging and weathering over time

The popular cause of engine mount failure is age and wear. Currently, engine mounts are made of rubber, which is prone to wear over time and may lose its elasticity and, as a result, lessen its function to your engine.

3. Accident involvement which has caused damage or moved the mounts

If you’ve been involved in an accident, then you need to inspect internal damage, like engine mount failure, superficial damage, and more.

4. Incorrect installation of the mounts

Although it is not common it is among the causes of a bad engine mount

Is it easy to replace an engine mount as a DIY project?

It is advisable not to replace your vehicle engine mount by yourself because you may cause additional damage to your vehicle engine or another part of the vehicle.

So we recommend leaving the job for your mechanic. You need mechanical experience before you can replace an engine mount, the engine needs to be supported from underneath. It’s easier to do this job in the shop on the lift.