Error P0200 Code: What could Cause P0200 code and Fixes

The error P0200 Code is an error that is mostly encountered when the Engine Control Module detects a malfunction in the fuel injector of an automotive (vehicle)

It is the most common OBD II trouble code which means that the P0200 Code is generic and manufacturer exclusive to notify the user of a kind of fault that the system can detect from inside of a car.

Further explaining, The P0200 Code is an OBD-II trouble code generally stored and controlled by the power train to inform car owners of a fault in the fuel injector. The work of the fuel injector circuit is to control the rate of fuel intake and the time the intake is induced, the injector circuit controls the fuel injectors or power train.

So, any decline in the rate of fuel injection will trigger the P0200 Code which has lots of demerits attached to it

Nevertheless, since we’ve seen the possibility of the P0200 error code, let’s see what could cause it, its symptoms, Diagnosis, and how to fix the error code P0200.

What Could Cause an Error P0200 Code

The error code could appear for reasons ranging from a failing injector circuit or a simple wiring issue and these could as well lead to the malfunctioning of your vehicle.

Whatever the case may be, whenever your vehicle records a P0200 Code on the OBD scanner then listed below are possible reasons why you encountered the error.

  1. Impaired Fuel Injector
  2. Faulty Fuel Injector
  3. Wiring problems
  4. Open fuel injector
  5. Poor electrical connection
  6. The low resistance of the fuel injector
  7. Dirt or carbon accumulation in fuel injector as a result of bad fuel.
  8. A shorted Injector
  9. Faulty Power Control Module (PCM)
  10. Driver circuit shorted to voltage
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Summarizing the causes of the P0200 OBD-II trouble code on your vehicle,

Having an impaired or a less effective fuel injector on your vehicle can trigger the P0200 Code, also, if your injector is open or not connected to deliver adequate fuel supplies to the engine; then you’ll start experiencing the symptoms of the P0200 error code.

Additionally, it’s advisable to get your fuel from a verified source to avoid clogging your fuel injectors with dirt and particles which might block the passage of fuel to the vehicle’s engine. It can also cause your injector circuit to open.

Also, a faulty or poor wiring harness of the fuel injector might trigger the error P0200 Code and others we can see listed above.

Now, if you’re wondering, how do I fix the error code P0200? Then continue reading to find out.

How Fix the Error P0200 Code

Fixing the P0200 Code might not need the service of an automotive mechanic if only you know the engine section of your vehicle.

Unlike most OBD II errors, the P0200 is fuel injector specific so you don’t have to go about looking for what might be the cause of the error code.

Notwithstanding, here are some fuel injector repairs you can engage to clear the Error P0200 Code.

  1. Replace shorted or damaged wire connections
  2. Fuel injector Substitution
  3. Check for faulty connections and put them in order.
  4. Engine Control Mode(ECM) Replacement – Rare cases.
  5. Clearing Check Engine Light

These are the fixes you can resort to and the P0200 Code will disappear from your dashboard, you can also take your car to a verified auto repair shop for premium service and avoid complicating the minor issue.

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Symptoms of the Error P0200 Code

The error P0200 Code unlike other generic OBD-II codes usually has little effect on the performance of the vehicle depending on the level and make of the automotive.

Notwithstanding, highlighted below are some of the symptoms you will likely encounter when the error code kicks in.

  • Poor Acceleration
  • Slows down engine
  • Delay or engine unable to start
  • Light from CEL ( Check Engine Light)
  • Shutting off the engine while driving
  • Misfiring of cylinders
  • Increased fuel consumption

How to Diagnose the Error P0200 Code

If you’re a mechanic and you’ll like to diagnose If the error is really a P0200 Code to avoid omission of any fixing phase then here is a short guide on how to diagnose the fuel injector code.

  1. Check for any codes present on the dashboard
  2. Now, clear the codes on the check engine light
  3. Perform a road test while taking note of the engine light
  4. Visually Observe and fix any broken, shorted wirings, loosened parts, and also damaged parts
  5. Check fuel consumption on the injection using a scan tool
  6. Now, perform a voltage check for each of the injectors
  7. Install a light for testing fuel injector operations
  8. Lastly, perform a manufacturer-specific ECM test.


How Serious is Error P0200 Code?

This error code has the tendency of slowing down your engine and vehicle performance due to poor fuel distribution. However, in a case where the engine of the vehicle shut down while driving, it’s advisable not to ignite or drive the car further.

At this point then the attention of a capable mechanic or auto engineer is required to fix your car back to normal.

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Related Codes to P0200 Error

  • P0201 – Injector Circuit Failure – Cylinder 1
  • 0202 – Injector Circuit Failure – Cylinder 2
  • P0203 – Injector Circuit Failure – Cylinder 3
  • P0204 – Injector Circuit Failure – Cylinder 4
  • P0206 – Injector Circuit Failure – Cylinder 5
  • P0206 – Injector Circuit Failure – Cylinder 6
  • P0207 – Injector Circuit Failure – Cylinder 7
  • P0208 – Injector Circuit Failure – Cylinder 8

So, there are 8 to 9 error codes pertaining to injector circuit malfunctions that the power train can possibly detect on a vehicle.

The help of an experienced mechanic might be needed to resolve these issues.

Are Fuel Injectors Easy to Replace?

They’re simply attached to the engine by tightening each edge to the given plug. Also, it’s recommended to take caution when removing or fixing a new injector to avoid falling or inadequate tightening.

How can you tell if you have a bad fuel injector?

You can tell your injector is bad when you start noticing any of these signs ( even if you don’t have the P0200 code on your dashboard)

  1. Excess fuel consumption
  2. The vehicle may shake especially when you apply the brakes
  3. The engine takes longer to respond
  4. RPM needle starts to shake
  5. From the check engine light

That’s it.


It’s required that you apply the above fixes once you notice the error P0200 code on your dashboard to prevent further damage to your engine.

In addition, do well to call the attention of an experienced automobile engineer if the possible fixes can’t be performed by you.