Error P0343 Code – Causes, Symptoms and how to Fix it

The error P0343 is one of the most known OBD-II problem codes which is associated with the camshaft position sensor circuit.

In this article, I’m going to show you possible reasons why your vehicle will run into the P0343 error, symptoms to watch out for and ways to repair the error code.

What is the P0343 Code?

P0343 is a trouble code used to represent the camshaft position sensor circuit’s high input which implies that the PCM is getting a reading that’s abnormally high from the camshaft position sensor.

Recall that the PCM uses the rotational speed of the camshaft to determine

Recall that the PCM uses the rotational speed of the camshaft to determine the right amount of fuel and ignition timing, however when the P0343 code sets in; it’ll receive a voltage very high than the manufacturer’s reading thereby making your engine unable to create a spark.

Causes of the Error P0343 Code

You’ll probably get an error P0343 code due to one or more of the following reasons

  1. Malfunctioning or Dead Battery
  2. A defective starter motor
  3. A bad sensor motor
  4. Wear and tear
  5. Corrosion
  6. Water or oil-logged engines
  7. Problematic wiring between the PCM and the camshaft sensor
  8. An open or shortened Sensor
  9. A defective camshaft position sensor
  10. Unprofessional sensor installation
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I’ll like to make emphasise the wiring harness between the PCM and the sensor, it’s important to visually inspect the wiring and check for tangled spots before trying other fixes.

Taking the vehicle to a professional auto mechanic should be your last resort if you couldn’t find the cause of the P0343 code on your own.

Symptoms of the Error P0343 Code

Due to a faulty camshaft position sensor, the PCM will likely receive an incorrect signal leading to the P0343 code. Here are some symptoms to look out for.

  • Engine Start problems
  • Bad driving experience
  • The check engine light will illuminate
  • Constant bucking and surging of a vehicle

How to Fix P0343 Code

Here are some fixes you can try out if you ever run into the error P0343 code

  1. Battery replacement
  2. Blocking and cleaning oil leakages
  3. Cleaning and blocking water access
  4. Damaged wiring or connectors replacement
  5. Camshaft Position Sensor replacement

You can also close any open wiring harness between the PCM and the sensor to allow adequate transmission of signals.

You can also take your vehicle to an auto mechanic if you get stuck while trying to fix the P0343 code on your own.

How Serious is the P0343 Code?

While it’s mostly encountered with the Chevrolet, Kia, Volkswagen and Hyundai models built around years 2003 – 2005. It’s considered a critical issue since it deals with fuel injection and ignition timing.

It can affect your driving experience especially when you’re on a long trip, modern vehicles aren’t exempted.

The best you can do is repair the error code as soon as possible to avoid causing damage to other parts of the engine.

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Common mistakes to avoid when diagnosing the P0343 Code

It’s important to use high-quality replacement parts (OEM parts) rather than cheap or used parts. Also, avoid ignoring the wiring and battery life while making a diagnosis.

Related codes to P0343 code

The P0342 and P0341 codes are related to the P0343 code since they all relate to the camshaft position sensor. P0341 indicates a low range, P0342 indicates a low signal and the P0343 indicates a high signal to the PCM.

Diagnosing all of the three codes on your vehicle at a time means that your sensor is exceptionally bad and would need electrical attention or best of all a replacement.

Is it worth repairing the Camshaft?

It’s not advised to repair a camshaft although there are high-performance engines that camshaft can be repaired.

It’s advised to get a new camshaft since it’s cost-effective for an average road user.


Leaving the error P0343 code unresolved for a long time could result in other higher OBD-II problem codes.

So, it’s best to use the above fixes to get rid of it once and for all.