How to Clean Your Car Windows

It is very important to do things properly so that you will be able to get your desired and accurate result. Millions of car owners wash their cars by themselves but only a few people are washing them properly.

You may think that you know how to wash your car windows properly but after reading this article to the end you will discover that you are doing it in the wrong way.

I’m sure that you usually discover a significant difference when you take your car to the car wash compared to when you wash it by yourself.

In this informative article, I will explain in detail how you can wash your car windows perfectly just like a professional car washer.

There are several steps or methods that you need to follow to wash your car window in the right way. A lot of people do the opposite so they end up washing their car window with the wrong method and it may not give your car the desired look.

You need to protect your car by maintaining and washing all the necessary parts, your car windows are among the major parts of your car so it needs to be well protected always.

How to Clean Car Windows Without Streaks

1. Save your windows for the last washing

A lot of people wash their car windows altogether with their car. You need to stop doing this, the best method of washing your car windows is to save them for the last washing.

You need to leave your car windows when washing your car, make sure you save your windows to last so that you will be able to prevent yourself from having to do more work.

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You will be able to prevent contaminating your windows with grime or streaks from other parts of your car.

2. Pack your car into the shade

It is very important to do this even before washing your car. Make sure you park your car where it can absorb heat quickly, and sitting in the sun, your car might feel so hot to the touch. If this is the case for your car, then you’ll need to park it in a cool area with shade, then you need to wait until your car cools off.

Always avoid washing your car in hot weather because it can cause soap or water that you use to evaporate too quickly before you clean the window thereby causing streaks.

3. Gather your window cleaning supplies

Now that you have parked your car in the right place, what next is to start washing your car windows and other parts immediately.

Several cleaners are manufactured to clean your car windows. You need to check the available retail stores to get them. It is also important to consult your mechanic or car manufacturer so that you will be able to get the best cleaner that you can use to wash your car windows and other parts of your car.

Using the right detergent or cleaning material will help you clean your car windows perfectly and leave them in very good condition.

There are several cleaner Ammonia-based window cleaners like most household window cleaners, which can damage tinting or can dry out the rubber seals of your car.

You can check out the nearest retail store where you can purchase glass cleaner formulated for automotive purposes. You need to dilute it with distilled water for the best results in case you buy concentrated formula.

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To clean your windows car properly you’ll also need:

4. Clean the front and rear windows

It is important to clean the front and rear windows first because of the size and angle, these windows can be the hardest on your car to clean properly.

You need to mix your window cleaner, if necessary, then spray it onto your window, or apply it from a bucket with a sponge. Now you need to use your clean cloth to wipe your front windshield and rear window clean.

Make sure you clean in different directions so that you will be able to see smudges or missed spots.

5. Target stubborn bug splatter on your windows

Immediately you realize that your cleaning solution and cloth don’t seem to be strong enough to eliminate the dried protein of bug guts, then you need to take drastic measures. There are several formulated products for removing difficult bug stains from the windows of your car, but you might loosen the splotch by leaving a rag wet with a cleaning product atop the bug blemish.

6. You need to wipe the splatter away with your microfiber cloth

A lot of auto experts recommend sprinkling a little bit of baking soda atop affected areas. Now allow the solution a few moments to set on the stain, then buff it out with your microfiber cloth again

7. Roll down your side windows

One of the popular areas that are missed when cleaning car windows is the very top, where the window slides into place inside a rubber seal. To prevent lines, you need to roll your car window down so that you will be able to use your cloth to wipe the area clean.

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If this part of the window is dirty, you need to spritz a little cleaner onto the dirty portion of your window before washing it.

8. Wipe down side windows, from the top to bottom

If you want to take your cloth and run it along the outside edges of the window first, then you need to clean all buildup that has occurred along the seams of the window. Immediately after cleaning edges and corners, wet or re-wet the surface of your side window then wipe it with opposite direction strokes from how you wipe on the inside.

Cleaning your windows from the top down always prevents drips from ruining your fresh-cleaned windows.

While cleaning your side windows you need to spray and wipe clean your side mirrors.

9. Clean your wiper blades to finish

A lot of people wash their car windows and forget the wiper blades including other parts of the wiper.

You need to use a little cleaner to break up the buildup on your windshield wipers and then wipe both wipers dry with your cloth.

All the buildup on your wiper blades must be cleaned properly because they may be harmful to your windshield and can cause your blades to wear out quickly if not maintained.

To prevent this, you need to apply a wiper treatment to your car immediately after you have wiped the blades clean.