How to Open a Locked Car Door When Your Keys are Stuck Inside

It could be very frustrating and unpleasant to have your car door locked with your keys stuck inside. You might even get towed if you were wrongly parked at the time of occurrence.

Luckily, with a little patience, and a bit of technical work, getting your keys out of a locked vehicle is very possible and in such a way that you won’t have to visit an auto body shop afterward to get your window replaced.

In this article, I would be teaching you some simple methods on how to open a locked car door when your keys are stuck inside.

How to Open a Locked Car Door When Your Keys are Stuck Inside

Finding out the best method for how to open your locked car door is dependent on the tools you have at your disposal as well as the type of locks installed in your car.

Make sure that you are very familiar with the unlock mechanism of your car as it is going to be very helpful for you to know which of the methods is best for your car.

1. Try the spare keys

Spare keys are always given to you when you purchase a new vehicle. The first attempt to make after locking your car with your keys inside is to find the spare. However, this might be possible only if you are at home or close to the spare.

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2. Use of Shoelace

Sounds impossible right? Yes, but you can unlock your car door in splits of seconds with nothing more than your shoelaces. All you need to do is take off a lace from your shoe then tie a slipknot in the middle of it which can tighten when you pull on the string’s ends.

Hold each end on each hand and slide it through the corner of the car door, then make a back-and-forth motion so it gets down far enough that the knot can slide over the doorknob.

Once you notice it is in place, pull the string so as to tighten it then pull it up to unlock it.

Note: This method does not work in cars with locking mechanisms on the side of the door.

3. The Use of a Coat Hanger/Slim Jim

This method is one of the most common methods used to unlock a car door. This method is best used on manual locking doors.

  1. To do this, unravel the coat hanger so that you have a straight side and the hooked side using the help of pliers.
  2. Then slide the hanger down between the window of the car and the weather stripping until the hook gets to about 2 inches below the spot where the window and the car door meet which is close to the interior door handle and where the control arm is located
  3. Rotate the hanger so as to hook on to the control arm and once that is done, pull it up and the door of the car will be opened.
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4. The use of the manufacturer’s mobile App

Most new cars can be unlocked remotely with the use of the auto manufacturer’s mobile app. All you need to do is sign up and pair the vehicle to your account prior to your lockout or even as soon as you purchase the vehicle to avoid being locked out. I would give u a list of popular vehicle mobile apps.

1. MyChevrolet – This App allows you to lock or unlock your GM cars, you can as well use it to start or stop its engine, sound the horn, or locate your car in the midst of other cars.

2. Toyota App – This App allows you to lock and unlock the doors, find your Toyota amidst other cars, and get access to maintenance information in your Toyota car.

3. Hyundai Blue Link® – This App allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle as well as start, and stop, on the headlights and also sound the horn in Hyundai vehicles.

4. NissanConnect® – This enables you to lock and unlock, know the Health Reports of your vehicle, and also connect to Alexa and Google Assistant in Nissan vehicles.

5. Call a Locksmith

If after exhausting your available options you still couldn’t get the car door to open, then maybe you should try calling the locksmith. They are professionals and have specialized lockout tool kits to get the job done.



How do you force a lock open?

The easiest way to get this done is by inserting two fingers into the shackle loop and using them to force away the shackle from the top of the lock. By doing this, the locking pins inside the lock would be adjusted into the right position for a quick crack job. Eliminate the excess slack from the shackle.

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Can all key locks be picked?

No, not all locks can be picked. This is because a lock must be in operating condition before you can be able to pick it up. This and others are reasons that you might not succeed in picking some car locks even if you are a top-notch technician.

Is it really that easy to pick a lock?

Picking a lock is not much of a big deal. It is easy to learn and apply, and it doesn’t take time too. Although some locks are more difficult to pick than others, you can pick the majority of the types of locks used by these babies with a fundamental understanding of lock picking.


Getting a car door unlocked without the keys requires more techniques than it looks like. You need to know the right methods how to open a locked car door that is suitable for your car before attempting it. I have provided you with these guides so all you need to do is to read each of the methods thoroughly, as it would be useful to you for a successful operation in unlocking your car door.

Please do not attempt using any of the above-listed methods to break into people’s vehicles as it is considered a crime in most countries and you can be sent to jail for it.

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