How to Remove a Stripped Spark Plug

This article will teach you how to remove a stripped spark plug from your engine.

Spark plugs are necessary for an engine to create sparks and crank the engine, but they need to be replaced at intervals.

Although they might look rigid, they’re susceptible to breaking, striping off, getting stuck, and even melting when they’re often subjected to excess engine heat.

Removing a stripped spark plug from the engine isn’t as easy as you visualize it but with patience, it’s doable.

Unlike normal spark plugs that can be removed with a socket wrench, a stripped spark plug can only be removed successfully using a special nut extractor socket and a penetrant spray.

This nut extractor socket is built to embody the whole stripped spark plug while you get rid of it, it’s also the perfect tool since spark plugs are often situated in strategic areas.

Let’s see a step-by-step solution to remove a stripped spark plug from your car’s engine without wasting much time.

How to Remove a Stripped Spark Plug

In the course of removing a stripped spark plug, it’s important that you use the right tool, apply patience and use the correct method to avoid leftovers beneath the cylinder head.

We’ll also need tools such as the nut extractor and penetrant spray (WD-40) for this procedure.

Once the tools have been achieved, follow the below steps to get rid of stripped spark plugs.

1. Lift the Car bonnet and Engine Covers

In order to get access to the spark plug, you’ll have to lift the car bonnet or engine covers depending on the model of your car.

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To make the procedure easier, you can remove Hoses and filters that might get in your way. This will ease the removal process and also prevent breakage.

2. Detach Spark Plug Wires

Next in line are the spark plug wires, they’re mostly found on the lid of spark plugs.

Gently detach them from the spark plug to give you clearer access to the spark plug pits.

3. Clean the Surroundings of the Stripped Spark Plug

To maintain a clean work environment, use a damp cloth to get rid of grease, dust, and debris that are found around the stripped sparked plug.

However, don’t use a blower on the area to avoid scattering the spark plugs thereby creating a greater job for yourself.

4. Apply Penetrant Spray on the Spark plug

You can now apply your penetrant spray on the base of the stripped spark plug and wait some time for it to work on it.

It’s often advised to leave the penetrant for at least 5 hours or for the best result overnight.

5. Attach the Nut Extractor Gently

Now, select the correct Nut extractor socket size and attach it to the top part of the spark plug slowly then go down slowly. – BUY ON AMAZON

Also, attach the bolt extractor tool to an extension to enable you to get hold of the full spark plug.

In the course of getting the whole stripped plug with the nut extractor, avoid going sideways to avoid damage. You can stand directly on the Spark plug for efficiency.

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6. Turn the Nut Extractor Anticlockwise

As said earlier, stay in a position that’ll enable you to apply downward pressure on the striped spark plug.

Next, apply downward pressure slowly in an anti-clockwise manner to get hold of the full spark plug.

Ensure to push down as far as possible in a gentle manner to give you a better grip on the remaining parts of the spark plugs.

7. Slowly Detach the Nut Extractor and Spark plug

Once you’ve got hold of the full spark plug, you can now start detaching the wrench in an anti-clockwise manner to remove it.

You’ll need to take your time with this process and make sure that the spark plug is completely removed.

8. Inspect the Spark Plug Socket

The last step is to use a torch to inspect the inside of the spark plug socket for any remains or damage.

Make sure to clean the area before installing a new spark plug.