Low Oil Pressure At Idle causes And Solution

Do you want to know the causes of low oil pressure at idle? If yes, then you need to read this informative article to the end.

The car’s oil pressure gauge must indicate to you if the oil pressure is running too low, too high, or normal. If your car oil pressure starts to run low, you need to face it immediately because it may lead to engine damage.

Causes of Low Oil Pressure at Idle

1. Defective Oil Pump

The oil pump is a very important component that helps to keep your car engine oil circulating in the system. If it begins to fail, then it won’t be able to pump the oil through the engine.

The oil indicator may begin to flash, it shows that the pump has gone bad. You need to face this immediately when you notice it. It is very important to do this quickly so that it won’t cause engine damage.

2. Poor Oil Quality

Poor quality is also one of the major causes of low oil pressure at idle. In case you hadn’t changed the oil in the engine when you were supposed to do so, it will affect the pressure negatively because the oil will become contaminated and dirty.

Your car engine oil structure will change after changing after becoming less quality, and it will lead to a loss of pressure.

3. Clogged Oil Filter

It is also important to change your clogged oil filter regularly because if you have not changed it for a long time then it may be clogged with sludge and it will reduce the flow and lead to low oil pressure in the engine.

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Make sure you replace your clogged oil filter regularly so that it will filter your oil perfectly and improve your car’s performance.

4. Wrong Oil Grade

Wrong oil grade is also one of the common causes of low oil pressure at idle. If you use the wrong type of oil engine, maybe at your last or change it may cause several problems including pressure problems.

Some engines can use several types or grades of engine oil, there are a few that require a very specific formulation.

5. Faulty Pressure Gauge

Another common cause of low oil pressure at idle is a faulty pressure gauge, immediately you begin to experience low oil pressure occurring at idle, the pressure gauge can be faulty. This commonly happens when there’s an oil change until the system falls back in line and registers the new viscosity.

But, if it takes more than usual time, then you need to have the gauge checked and the electrical system.

6. Damaged Engine

The common cause of low oil pressure at idle is the engine problem. Even though it is something you want to deal with, it usually happens when you don’t maintain it properly.

After carrying out several physical and mechanical checks and you can’t find any problem then your car engine may be the problem itself.

7. Low Oil

If the oil level is too low, it may cause a change in pressure immediately after the engine is idling. So the pump can’t work perfectly with the amount of oil when it gets too low. With this issue, you may notice the oil pressure dips during turns at higher speeds because the oil is moving from side to side and from the sensors.

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Low oil levels can be an oversight, while other times, it’s because of mechanical issues. You need to know what’s causing it if you want to fix it.

How to Repair Low Oil Pressure at Idle

Now you know the common causes of low oil pressure at idle, what you need to know is how to repair it immediately after you discuss this problem in your vehicle. There are several things that you need to do to fix low oil pressure at idle. Even if you are not a mechanic this process is so easy and fast it won’t take a long time before you can fix low oil pressure at idle.

Make sure you follow all the necessary processes as it is written, if there are any complications then you need to consult your mechanic as soon as possible so that it will become a severe problem.

1. Add More Oil

Immediately you discover that you have engine pressure at idle, what you need to do is too much oil because of a shortage of engine oil.

Likewise, you need to make use of your oil dipstick to monitor where it is currently at.

You need to add more engines only if you realize that it is too far down on the dipstick. Make sure that the oil viscosity matches what’s in there and that the quality is in good shape.

2. Make Use Right Oil

It is very important to make use of the right one when replacing your engine oil. Check your owner’s manual so that you will be able to discover the exact oil that you should have used. You can contact your car dealership or mechanic for advice, in case you don’t understand or know the kind of engine oil to use.

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3. Perform Oil & Oil filter Change

If the engine oil is contaminated and dirty, the pressures will not be accurate due to the viscosity changes. make sure you change your engine oil regularly so that you will be able to avoid underperforming engine oil.

Immediately after an oil change, if you realize that the pressures regulate better. If it is not, then the problem could be something else. However, this is one of the cheaper fixes you can work with, so it’s best to start here.

4. Repair Pressure Gauge

It is very important to reply, repair, or replace the pressure gauge, in case your pressure gauge is erratic and unpredictable, there could be an electrical problem or sensor issue and it may affect the engine performance.

To repair the gauge, you need to determine the failing part. It could be the gauge itself or one of the sensors, both of which require professional diagnostics to determine.

5. Replace Oil Pump

Replacing your oil pump is also one of the most effective methods to solve low oil pressure at idle problems, you need to replace your oil pump whenever it is bad.

Although it can be repaired if it is possible because you will be able to spend less if you choose to repair over replacement. Even so, the cost of replacement or repair depends on the kind of vehicle you drive.

Currently, an average oil pump replacement costs $350 to $2,000.