Mullen Automotive Cars – EV Auto Review

This article contains all you need to know about Mullen Automotive Cars and their aim of creating sustainable, clean energy solutions in the US.

Mullen (MULN) is a Southern California-based startup that owns and partners with multiple synergistic companies, all working towards the goal of creating clean and efficient electric vehicles and energy solutions for the future.

Mullen motor cars which was launched in 2002 are the producer of the Mullen GT which is the first-ever electric-powered supercar in the automotive market back in 2017. They officially became a publicly-traded company as of November 5th, 2021

Mullen Technologies inc came about as an amalgamation of CODA Automotive and Mullen motor cars by CEO David Michery in the year 2014. They engage in a car dealership, through its subsidiary CarHub, a chain of car dealerships operating in California and Arizona.

CODA on the other hand was among one of the top EV manufacturers alongside Tesla, with the company’s award-winning all-electric sedan coming with a range of 88 mi (142 km), the longest among its class at the time.

How long has Mullen been in business?

Mullen Technologies have been active for 20 years now with more than 26 years of executive management, marketing, distressed assets, and business restructuring experience.

All these experiences were gained when Mullen motor cars and CODA Automotive haven’t acquired and amalgamated by its CEO David Michery in 2014.

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Does Mullen have a car?

As of the time of publication, Mullen Automotive technology currently has 3 cars in production and is already working to allow large-scale vehicle production in Q3 2024.

Although rumors have it that the Qiantu K50 was to be sold by Mullen in 2020, the car has yet to appear till now.

And YES, here are the cars available at Mullen motor cars:

  1. Mullen GT
  2. Mullen ONE – EV Fleet Vans
  3. Mullen Five
  4. Mullen DragonFlY
  5. Mullen ONE – EV Fleet Vans

The Mullen one which is of two classes – the cargo van and the EV fleet Van – is an electric commercial vehicle used to aid the movement of different cases.

The class 1 cargo van comes with a battery capacity of 38.7-kWh with a 144 Cu. Coupled with a large cargo area, its range is estimated at 155 miles plus meanwhile, cargo 2 comes with a battery capacity of 78.8-kWh with a 420 Cu. Coupled with a large cargo area, its range is estimated at 200 miles plus

Mullen FIVE

The Mullen FIVE RS is a premium compact sport utility electric high-performance EV featuring close to 1,100 horsepower, 0-60 mph in just 1.95 seconds, and a top speed of almost 200 mph.

It’s said to have a starting price of $55,000 since the final price hasn’t been fixed by the manufacturing company.

Although, the price might differ based on vehicle customization and certification.

Mullen DragonFlY

The Mullen DragonFlY is said to be a pure, electric high performance sports car that comes with distinctive, lightweight, and first-class details.


Although, at the time of publication, the Mullen DragonFLY is yet to be released as it’s still in a coming soon mode on their official site.

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You can choose to reserve the car for yourself by following the reserve now button in the above link.

Where are Mullen Cars Manufactured?

Mullen has chosen areas in the United States to manage its EV car manufacturing footprints, locations such as the Southeast corridor, the Midsouth Tennesse region, and the North Delta region provide Mullen with the baseline for manufacturing success. Located 50 miles from Memphis, TN.

Although, Mullen is already working on developing the infrastructure and machinery needed to allow large-scale electric vehicle production, which is slated to begin in Q3 2024.

What is Mullen Automotive Battery Technology?

Mullen batteries use Lithium Sulphur and solid-state which is efficient, economical, and easy to use thereby providing a lighter, more efficient, and also providing greater range than most EVs in the market.

Lithium-Sulfur battery works almost the same as lithium-ion batteries just that they cost less to be manufactured. Other advantages include,

  • 5x More Energy Density
  • 50% Less Cost per Watt-Hour
  • Exceptional Safety Profile
  • Sustainably Sourced & Manufactured

How to Locate Mullen Automotive Cars Near Me?

If you’re in the United States and you’ll like to check out Mullen motor cars then asides from making a call to the company, here’s a trusted way to locate a nearby Mullen store.

  1. Open your Google search
  2. Type in “Mullen Automotive Cars”, “Mullen Automotive Cars Near me”, “Mullen motor cars Los Angeles” etc.
  3. Hit the search button and wait for your result.

You’ll be shown filtered results based on your location or a store closer to your location.

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You can then click on any preferred location and place a call to confirm you’re on the right company before hitting the road.

Is Mullen EV Legit?

I can’t say for sure since they made customers pay for a Qiantu K50 EV car back in 2020 which wasn’t later released, but you should watch out for them when they start full production of their EV vehicles.

So, until they start large-scale vehicle production it’s advisable to make further confirmations before investing in their EV products.

Mullen Automotive Stocks

Mullen Automotive stock increased by 32.0% after they announced one update for its solid-state battery technology.

This rise is coming right after they hired a new executive to manage its global operations, Richard Curtis has proven to us that Mullen would be looking good in the international market in the coming future.

Although no expansion plan has been unveiled by the company yet.

You can monitor the Mullen Automotive stock graph by using typing “Mullen Automotive Stocks” into the Google search page.


Mullen Automotive Cars have a bright future ahead of them with the designs displayed on their website, only if they work towards it they should be competing with our favorite Tesla in the coming years.

But for now, you can either purchase their previous EV cars or wait for them to roll out their Mullen DragonFlY or Mullen Five cars.