P0562 Code: Meaning, Causes, Symptoms and How to Fix it

The error P0562 is an OBD-II code that occurs as a result of a low system voltage. The code is stored on your check engine light if your car voltage drops below 10 volts for more than a minute.

In this article, I’ll show you all you need to know about the P0562 code including its causes, symptoms, and how to repair the code on your vehicle.

What is the Error P0562 Code

The Error P0562 code usually appears when the PCM notices that the voltage of a vehicle is too low.

P0562 is a Diagnostic Trouble Code for OBD-II System Voltage Low and can only be caused when the power train control module notices that the voltage is below the manufacturer’s specifications.

A vehicle car charging system helps to maintain a voltage of between 14.1V to 14.4V DC when the car is idle. The P0562 code will be stored in the PCM thereby illuminating the malfunction indicator light or the CEL.

What Causes a P0562 Code

One or a combination of any of these could result in your vehicle running into the error P0562 code.

  • Drained Battery
  • A faulty alternator
  • A bad voltage regulator
  • A faulty battery or battery cables
  • Poor battery terminal Connection
  • The wiring harness between the Alternator and the PCM
  • Faulty charging system grounds
  • Defective wiring or connectors to the Alternator
  • Failing Alternator
  • A Faulty PCM (Not regular)
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The first step to capturing the cause of the error P0562 on your vehicle is by performing a visual inspection of all the specified regions in the above possible causes.

What are the Signs of Error P0562 Code?

You should notice any or all of the below symptoms if your vehicle runs into an error P0562.

  • Low fuel efficiency
  • Check engine light or MIL illumination
  • The battery runs down when the car is idle
  • Unable to shift properly
  • Battery light illumination
  • The engine takes longer to respond or won’t respond at all.
  • No Signs

Most of these symptoms are affiliated with other OBD-II codes and might confuse you on which one your car ran into. So, it’s best to seek the support of a professional auto technician in diagnosing the error.

How to Fix Code P0562

Here are possible fixes you could try if your vehicle runs into the error P0562 code.

  1. Alternator Replacement
  2. Battery replacement or charging
  3. Battery cable replacement
  4. Jump-starting the battery
  5. Fixing or changing a faulty voltage regulator
  6. Check the wiring harness connecting to the alternator from the PCM
  7. PCM replacement or repair

You can also try charging or replacing any bad charging system grounds and see if the error P0562 code is fixed.

In most cases, you’ll need the help of an auto technician to properly diagnose the issue and implement appropriate fixes.

How to Diagnose the P0562 Code

An auto technician will use the OBD-II scanner to check if it’s only the P0562 code or if there are other error codes stored on the charging system of your vehicle.

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Once the appropriate code is found, they’ll implement appropriate fixes for all of them, and clear the code after which they’ll run a test to make sure the error has been repaired.

Common mistakes to avoid while diagnosing the P0562 Code

Most people often make the common mistake of concluding the P0562 code is a result of a bad battery or starter.

Meanwhile, changing these two may not be the fix to clearing the code; it’s important to perform a proper diagnosis to ensure the error isn’t a sister code to the P0562

How Serious is the P0562 Code?

The P0562 code is very serious and should be taken seriously. The code could cause your vehicle to stall or won’t start again due to a low voltage.

Requires you to push start the vehicle at times while in most cases that won’t ignite your vehicle. It’s important to fix it to prevent accidents.


How do I fix low Voltage on a car?

These are fixed you can resort to them if your vehicle runs into a low voltage.

1. Battery Charging: You can try recharging your car battery since the P0562 low voltage code is a result of sudden battery drainage. This should also be adopted if you put your car’s battery on a cold floor for a long.

2. Battery replacement: If your battery is faulty and runs down too often it’s expediting that you get a replacement that’ll serve you better.

3. Jump-start the battery: This simply involves passing current from a charged car battery to a dead or discharged battery using booster cables. All you’ve to do is to connect the two batteries in parallel

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4. Replacing the alternator: Getting a new alternator should be your last resort if none of this works out. It simply means the old alternator is weak.

There are also many fixes to check out but I believe these 4 should fix a low-voltage code on your vehicle.

Will a failing alternator throw a code?

You’ll get an error P0562 code on your check engine light when you connect a code reader if your alternator is failing.


As stated earlier, the P0562 code might not display any symptoms that’s why it’s recommended to perform regular checkups on your battery, alternator, and other parts of your vehicle.

So, once you notice your check engine light is on due to the P0562 code, it’s necessary to initiate a repair so it doesn’t leave you stranded.

Furthermore, you could hire a professional mechanic to help you run a proper check-up on your vehicle to enable you to pass the OBD-II emission test.