How To Remove A Broken Bolt From An Engine Block

It is very annoying when you accidentally break a bolt or bolt while working on your engine block or other engine components. You are about to get rid of the frustration because I’m going to explain how you can remove a broken bolt from an engine block.

Tools you’ll need:

Method 1: How to Detach A Broken Bolt From Your Engine Block

Step By Step Guide

It is very important to follow the right process when it comes to removing any broken bolt from your engine block because you may worsen the situation if you don’t do it properly.

There are two methods of removing a broken bolt from your engine block. The first method is known as spring-loaded center punch because you need to punch the center of the bolt by drilling out the center of the screw itself.

You need to follow the instruction below to use the spring-loaded center punch method to remove any broken bolt from your engine block.

Step 1: You need to drill the Center of the Screw

You need to make use of the mechanic’s tools box close by for easy reach.

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Then, you need to grab your drill bit, preferably a hardened drill bit. Now you need to drill through the center of the screw with your hardened drill bit.

Make sure you don’t rush the process so that you will be able to do it perfectly.

Step 2: Make a dig with Your Center Punch

You have to use the center punch to allow you to dig into it before drilling. If not, your drill will start to wander, you need to take your time to drill through the center of that screw because you are trying to open it up to get a grip.

Step 3: Set the Size of Your Drilling bit

Immediately after you’ve done that, you need to step up the size of your drill bit and drill it out. This will take out kinds of metal particles. The most efficient method of getting rid of any particles is to make use of a magnetic screwdriver to run around the broken bolt’s area with the screwdriver. You will be able to take off all the metal particles that are on there.

Step 4: Extract the Broken Bolt with a Screw Extractor or Mole grip

You can also make use of a screw extractor, although it may be challenging to use that. The major problem is that, if the extractor breaks at any time inside the screw, it will cause a big problem because the extractor is made up of a rigid material, it won’t come out quickly.

You can also use a mole grip to hold on to the top of the broken screw because it’s awkward how to get to it. The grip is a left-handed thread, so you have to turn left, it digs into that hole you’ve created for it.

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Either a screw extractor or a mole grip, you need to choose the tool you feel more comfortable using. But you need to use them carefully, so you won’t break the tool.

So I need to use the Rocket Socket. It is a strong extraction grip technology, you just need to put the right socket size inside the cavity and use it to extract the broken bolt; it is much easier to use because the socket is directly over the screw itself. All you need to do is to unscrew it; this is so easy. One of the major benefits of using this method is you will be able to take the bolt out easily and quickly, and it doesn’t cause any damage to your engine compartment.

You can also make use of the second method which is very effective for those who want to remove a broken bolt in a very tight space.

It is very important to know that you have to take the process slowly so that it will be easy and safe.

You have to use a spring-loaded center punch to knock it around slowly. Then, you need to have patience so that you will be able to find a little edge on the bolt and slowly knock it around the broken bolt, and when it is spring-loaded, it just kind of reloads itself.

Method 2: How to Remove a Broken Rusted Bolt (Breaking Rust on Stuck Bolt)

The second method may not work because sometimes, the accumulation of rust may cause the moving parts of the metal to stick together. Due to this, you may not be able to remove a broken bolt that is stuck in the engine block.

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The first solution to this problem is by using a hammer. You need to give the area around the bolt a few hammer taps. The taps will not be too hard to deform the metal. You just need to make the rounding metals vibrate so that you will be able to break the rust loose.

Now the second solution is to heat the part metal and surrounding part of the broken bolt with a torch. This will help to apply torque to the tool you’re using to extract the bolt. You need to use this technique if you’re having trouble removing a stuck bolt with the first method.

Make sure you don’t apply excessive heat. It should be enough to expand the metal and help break the rust, not soften it.

In Conclusion

Knowing how to remove a broken bolt from an engine block can save you a lot of stress, time, and money when working on your engine. In some situations, you may need to remove a broken bolt without too much trouble.

With this article, you will be able to remove a broken bolt from an engine block. Make sure you follow the process and the instructions in this article with patience and if there is any complication, then you can contact your mechanic immediately so that you will be able to prevent your car engine and other parts from damages.