How to Repair Windshield Wiper Not Touching Glass

The Windshield might not be of much importance until it starts raining while driving and you’ll need a functional wiper to get a clear view of the tracks.

The main function of the wiper is to make to enhance visibility in a case where dust, moisture, or dirt has clogged up the Windshield with the aid of the Washer Fluid.

However, there are times when you summon the wipers and the full or partial parts aren’t in contact with the glass thereby making your vision impaired.

This will require the driver to perform the cleaning manually which can in turn result in a poor driving experience and accident at most.

A wiper issue can be fixed by either straightening a bent wiper, replacing the rubbers on the wipers or checking the bolts holding the wipers.

In this article, I’ll give you reasons why your wiper is not touching the glass and how you can repair it with ease.

Why is my Windshield Wiper Not Touching Glass?

If a previously functional Windshield Wiper suddenly stops touching the glass then it could be a case of a worn-out rubber, a bent wiper, or an issue with the tightening. However. If it’s a case of a new wiper installation then you should cross-check if you’re installing the right Windshield Wiper for your car.

Without wasting much time, here’s a list of the possible reasons why your wiper isn’t making contact with the glass.

  1. A bent Wiper Arm
  2. Worn out wiper rubbers
  3. Loosened or over-tightened Wiper Bolts
  4. Inappropriate wiper installation
  5. A problematic battery or Alternator
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A wiper can mistakenly become bent maybe while you left at the car wash or when it comes in contact with other physical forces, so, always perform a visual examination of your wiper to avoid causing damage to your Windshield.

Also, the rubber attached to the wiper is in charge of wiping particles off the Windshield, one the rubber(s) are worn out or fall off then there should be a gap between the metal and Windshield.

For this cause, the wiper won’t make contact with the glass due to the absence of the rubber layer but I assure you won’t like the result when the metal hit the windscreen.

In another context, if the bolt which is used to hold the wipers are Loosened or over tightened then you’ll notice that the wiper will not work well or it’ll not be able to go round the Windshield thereby leaving dust on some surfaces.

In addition, if you installed a wiper that isn’t recommended for your vehicle or a season then it shouldn’t touch the glass or move by default due to the specifications gap.

Finally, since the wipers are being controlled by powers generated from the battery or Alternator. It could be that the problem could be from your car battery or Alternator.

How to Repair Windshield Wiper Not Touching Glass

After visually inspecting what could be the reason why your wiper(s) isn’t touching your Windshield, you can adopt any of the below repair guides to fix them back to default.

1. Straighten Bent Wiper Arms

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If it’s a case of a bent wiper, you can try straightening the bent section on the wiper without applying much pressure to it to avoid breakage.

Make sure all springs and metals are intact after the fix because each of them contributes to the friction power of the wiper.

2. Loosen or tighten necessary bolts

If you notice a case of a loosed bolt on the wiper then quickly tighten it with a plier. Also. Loosen over tight bolts to enable free movement of the wipers.

3. Get a Wiper Rubber Replacement

If the fault is from a worn out or thin wiper rubber then you can purchase a new wiper blade refill and replace it. You can purchase a wiper blade from amazon here.

You can check the installation guide from the buyer guides of the wiper blade to avoid making mistakes.

4. Get a Wiper Replacement

If you mistakenly break the wiper while straightening, rubber installation, or maybe you got the one that’s not suitable for your car then it’s best that you get a replacement.

You can buy durable wipers from Amazon or any auto repair shop closest to you that offers replacement services.

It’s also necessary to get rid of weak, bent, or old Windshield wipers.

5. Inspect your Battery or Alternator

If the wipers don’t move at all then you should check the wiring harness between your wiper and the battery.

Check out for bridged connections and do well to resolve them. You can also take the car to a mechanic for a professional inspection.


A functional Windshield Wiper is important for maintaining visibility while driving in snowy or rainy seasons.

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This article should help you with probable reasons why your wiper isn’t touching the glass and how to repair the issue.