All you need to Know about Automotive Primer Spray Paint

Automotive Primer Spray Paint helps in priming our auto body before applying new paints to them. Here’s all you need to know about automotive primer spray paints.

As seen in our previous article about Rustoleum and Automotive Primers, there are primers that we can choose for different projects type from metals, woods, and even fiberglass.

But for this article, we’ll be focusing on automotive primer spray paint that’s used mainly for cars and metal surfaces.

So, the first question is what is an automotive primer spray paint? An auto primer spray is a paint-like substance that’s applied to the surface of bare or freshly sanded metals before the topcoat is applied to prevent rust and helps the paint stick to the surface.

Automotive primers paint can be applied in two ways, either by hand or by spray guns but for this article we’ll be talking about spray paints which are also effective as the former.

Are automotive primer Spray Paints Good?

Yes, they’re perfect especially when you’re on a large project and would love to improve priming speed.

Asides from this, they also ensure that your job has greater sticking power thereby reducing the rate at which they fade or fall off.

Why Use Primer Spray Paint?

Primer is one of the most important parts of the painting and if not applied when needed could lead to loss of money and even property due to rust and flaking.

Here are some reasons why you should use spray paint primers for your Automotives

  1. Helps create a smooth surface for the paint to be applied
  2. Greater force makes the paint stick well and last longer
  3. Helps cover a larger surface area
  4. Rust and moisture prevention
  5. Helps preserve the paint
  6. Increased spray paint adhesion
  7. Act as a filler for scratches or marks on the auto body.
  8. It dries faster
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… And the list goes on and on.

When should I use Auto Primer Spray Paint?

Primer spray can be used for performing touch-ups to painting the whole of a vehicle but there are certain conditions that’ll only warrant you to use them.

If those conditions aren’t met then you can decide to forgo the use of primers and proceed to paint your car.

Well, here are a few times when you should consider using the auto primer spray paints

  • When you’re painting a surface that requires you to sand down to the bare metal
  • When switching from a darker to a lighter color
  • If there is a scratch or dent you’ll like to fill on the body.
  • Paints falling off the body.

If this is the case with your vehicle then you should consider priming it before the painting process.

What Colour of Automotive Primer Spray Paint should I use?

Although color usage depends on preference, the most common primer spray paints come in light grey or black color.

I’ll recommend this color because they’re easy to be covered with any paint color of your choice though your choice of primer color doesn’t matter.

How to Apply Automotive Primer Spray Paints

Here’s a quick guide on how to apply the primer spray paint to any surface you’re working on.

After you’ve prepared your project for priming, do well to always work on a dry surface, you can see how to prepare your surface for priming here.

Although some projects will require you to use a primer that has the spray hose attached meanwhile some will need you to apply the primer with the help of a spray gun, the former is always easier.

Also, some primers will require you to mix them (a base and an activator) with one or more other primers to get what you want.

Before you start, do well to always read the safety instructions on the label and always stay in a well-ventilated environment during priming.

  1. Get a Clean Spray Gun with a bucket of thinner, on one hand, to soak spray gun parts as soon as you’re done.
  2. Mask out any area you don’t want the spray paint to touch
  3. Test the spray gun before you spray and select a proper air pressure
  4. You can now spray on the bare metal while checking for smaller areas.
  5. Wait for at least 30 mins for the primer to dry completely before applying paint over it.
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That’s it.

Do well to cover all parts of the metal and avoid primers touching unnecessary body parts to avoid extra work.

Automotive Primer Spray Paint Products to make a Selection From.

There are many primer spray paint products you can select from for a specific project, although we won’t be talking about them one after the other.

Most of them have different products for different projects ranging from metal, and wood to glass, so do well to ask for the function before making a purchase.

  • Rust-Oleum
  • Dupli-Color
  • Krylon Automotive
  • Custom Coat
  • Oz. Flat
  • Autotek
  • U-POL
  • VHT
  • 3M
  • Bondo
  • SEM
  • Raptor
  • Eastwood
  • POR-15
  • KILZ
  • SEYMOUR etc.

However, amongst these products; Rustoleum seems to be the most knowledgeable and used but you can give others a try as they all work alike.

In addition, you might come across products that aren’t listed here, if they can attend to your painting needs then go ahead and make the purchase still.

Will Primer Fill in Scratches?

The Polyester Primer Surfacer is perfect for filling scratches and dings because of its excellent build nature. However, it’s prone to cracking as time goes by.

Where to Purchase Automotive Primer spray paint?

You can get primer spray paints from any paint store close to you or you can decide to shop for one online if you’re not in a hurry in terms of shipping.

To check for available e-commerce stores that sell primer spray paints close to you then follow the below guide.

  • Go to Google search
  • Type in “Automotive primer spray paint “, “Primer Spray Paint near me” or “Shop Automotive Primer Spray Paint
  • You’ll be directed to the shop section of Google search where you can pick a product that suits your needs.
  • Proceed to checkout and wait for delivery.
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That’s all.

You’ll also be shown locations with in-store availability of automotive primer spray paint close to you that’s for those who don’t know how to locate a paint store close to them.

automotive primer

Do you need to have a separate spray gun for Primers and Paints?

Yes, it’s very necessary to use a separate spray gun for priming and painting to avoid contamination which might mess up your paintings or obstruct your sprayer.

What Spray Gun Product Should I Use?

There are a series of spray gun products you can make a selection from when priming your Automotive.

Here are some recommended spray gun products and how to find a store in your location.

  1. Central Pneumatic Automotive
  2. DeVilbiss StartingLine
  3. ATD Tools
  4. Black Widow
  5. Central Pneumatic
  6. Husky
  7. Tekna Primer
  8. TCP
  9. Iwata
  10. 3M etc.

Likewise, different products offer different results some have the HVLP Air Spray, Gravity Feed Paint, and the rest.

Choose a product that’ll work best for your projects.

Where to Buy Spray Gun for Primer

You can get primer spray guns from any paint store close to you or you can decide to shop for one online if you’re not in a hurry in terms of shipping.

To check for available e-commerce auto stores that sell primer spray paints close to you then follow the below guide.

  • Go to Google search
  • Input “Shop Automotive Primer Spray Gun “, or “Automotive Primer Spray Gun “ into the search box and Enter
  • You should be shown sites where you can make a selection of spray guns.

That’s it.


Automotive primer spray paint is the best choice when you’re working on the surface of a small or large metal, wood, or fiberglass painting project.

Remember, painting your vehicle from scratch without applying primers to serve as the base for the topcoat will lead to peeling off, breaking, and eventually rusting in no time.