What is DNA Automotive

If you’ll like to know about DNA automotive solutions and the services they offer in the UK then this article is recommended.

DNA Automotive is an auto repair company with its head office at Unit 2B, Worcester Trading Estate, Blackpole Road, Worcester, WR3 8HR.

Although there are multiple DNA Automotive Solution companies located in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries, we’ll focus on the automotive solutions located in Worcester, UK.

They offer services such as:

  1. MOT Testing
  2. Vehicle Diagnosis
  3. Vehicle Servicing
  4. Clutch Replacement and Transmission Repair
  5. Timing belt replacement
  6. All Engine Repairs
  7. Brake Services
  8. Air conditioning Services
  9. Suspension Services
  10. Other Repairs for all model of cars ranging from Super Mini to 4 X 4 includes Interim Service, Vehicle Safety Inspection, Vehicle Safety Inspection Blue Light Card, PDF Cleaning, AdBlue Top Up, Coronavirus Neutraliser for Car Interiors, Oil & Filter replacement, Garage, General Repairs, etc.

With DNS automotive, You don’t have to utilize a primary dealer to keep your warranty valid; you can get your car serviced with us and the manufacturing company will still fix any damages.

You can trust them to keep your automotive working smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible for a small amount.

The automotive company is owned by David and Allister who both have over 27 years of experience in the automotive repair business and have worked together for the past 10 years.

What Happened to DNA Automotive?

This query has been trending on Google searches but It’s sure not talking about the automotive company we’re writing about in this article.

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DNA Automotive Birmingham, UK is a UK-based company that builds car replicas, paints, repairs, and kits. DNA Automotive Birmingham is now called Beemabuild.

They are automotive body stylings such as the Ferrari 458 Italia replica done by them in the year 2014 and repair specialists who provide minor to major car body repairs and insurance works.

Now you’ve seen how to locate the DNA Automotive that you’re looking for let’s move ahead to the earlier auto repair company.

How to Locate DNA Automotive Solutions Near Me

If you’re in search of a vehicle repair shop, MOT center, or a vehicle check then you can follow the below guide.

Simply navigate to your Google search and type in “DNA Automotive”, or “DNA automotive repair near me” and you’ll be provided with a list of business that offers these services.

DNA automotive solutions

Your search output will be different from mine due to location reasons, as you can see in the below screenshot, I’m based in London so all my results are from automotive shops in my location.

As you can see, we have DNA Automotive Solutions sitting on the third page of my recommendations with a 5-star rating.

According to them:

“Our aim is to build up a relationship with you our customer and provide a value for money service which you can trust and rely upon.”

So, if you’re in London and you’ll need a car fix it’s advisable to visit automotive solutions and check out their services.

N.B: This isn’t an advertorial article but an honest review based on online reviews.

You can do well to drop your experience with them via the comment section.

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