Which Pedal is the Gas


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Getting to know which pedal is the gas, brake, and clutch (manual transmission) is essential for a proper driving experience.

This problem is often encountered by car driving enthusiasts or learners who don’t know how to tell the difference between the gas pedal, and the brake pedal.

To give you an overview, the gas pedal is usually located at the extreme right side of the driver’s footwell below your steering wheel. The location is the same whether you’re driving an automatic or manual vehicle.

Which is the Gas Pedal?

It’s no new thing that the gas pedal is an essential component of a car’s operation is that it controls the speed by controlling the amount of fuel that is delivered into the engine.

When the gas pedal is pressed down, you’re opening the throttle blade thereby allowing more air and fuel mixtures into the engine, increasing the engine’s power output and causing the car to accelerate.

On the other hand, The throttle body closes when you release the gas pedal, reducing the air-to-fuel mixture coming into the engine, and decelerating the car.

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If you don’t know which one is the gas pedal on your car then take this as a tip. The gas pedal is skinny and typically located on the extreme right side of the driver’s footwell.

Also, keep in mind that while some cars come with automatic transmissions; there are vehicles that run on manual transmissions.

The difference is the type of gearbox installed in the vehicles, making the manual cars have one pedal more than the automatic cars – this pedal is the clutch pedal and it’s in line with the gas and brake pedals.

Which Pedal is Gas on Automatic Transmission?

Automatic cars make driving easier for experts and inexperienced drivers by using technology to simplify switching between gears.

This can be seen with self-driving cars that control and navigate to the owner’s destination without the owner having to do many jobs.

The two pedals present in an automatic car are the gas and brake pedal – the skinny pedal on the right is the gas meanwhile the pedal on the left is the brake.

However, these two pedals can both be controlled by the right foot and the position can be affected by the control fittings of the steering wheel.

For example, Cars manufactured in the UK are right-hand drives while countries such as the US are left-hand drives.

Cars running on automatic gearboxes don’t come with the third pedal which is the clutch pedal because of its configuration.

However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of them having clutches. You can check our article on do Automatic Cars have a clutch.

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Which Pedal is Gas on Manual Transmission?

Manual Transmission vehicles have been around before the invention of automatic vehicles. They feature increased fuel mileage and efficient vehicle control.

Vehicles running on manual gearbox have three (3) pedals which are the clutch, brake, and gas pedal in a left-to-right sequence.

The gas pedal on a manual transmission can be found on the extreme right side with the brake pedal in the middle and the clutch pedal on the extreme left.

The gas pedal helps speed up the car, the brake pedal helps slow down or halt the car meanwhile the clutch pedal helps the driver to switch between gears.

Regardless of the car design, the location of the gas or accelerator pedal is typically at the right side of the driver’s footwell right under the steering wheel.


Which pedal is gas and which is the brake?

In an automatic car, the gas or accelerator pedal is located at the right side of the driver’s footwell meanwhile the brake pedal is situated next to it. In manual transmissions, the pedal at the extreme right is the gas meanwhile the pedal in the center is the brake pedal, manual cars feature another pedal called the clutch which is at the extreme left beside the brake pedal.

Which foot is the gas pedal?

The gas pedal is typically located at the right side of the driver’s footwell whether you’re driving an automatic or manual vehicle.

Is gas on the left pedal?

The left pedal isn’t the gas pedal instead the pedal situated at the left is the brake for automatic cars and the clutch or brake for manual cars. It’s important you master the location of these controls to ensure safety.

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Which foot is used to brake?

On automatic cars, the right foot is used to brake and throttle because they’re relatively closer. To brake on a manual car, you’ll have to use the left foot.

The left foot is used to control the clutch and brake pedal while the right is used for the gas pedal on a manual transmission.

What are the 3 pedals in a car?

The three pedals on a car are the clutch, brake, and gas pedal arranged orderly from left to right sequence.

Is the gas on the left or right?

The gas is the right pedal under the driver’s footwell. The brake is right beside it.